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What Our Client Says

I am a 70 year old male and I sustained a serious spinal injury in 2007 followed by a ten level spinal fusion surgery in 2017. As a result of the pain associated with the injury I was placed on opiate medications and remained on them for 12 years. Two things occurred as I dealt with my injury that changed my life. The first was finding the most incredible surgeon. The second was being introduced to Lorraine and her CBD product line.

After speaking with Lorraine about the potential benefits of CBD I began using her CBD cream to address lingering discomfort. This initial introduction led to a number of discussions about stopping my use of the opiate medications.

As I recovered from my spinal surgery I could tell that my use of the opiate medication had migrated to a reliance. I learned from Lorraine that CBD could be used as a bridge to address the withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off opiates. My goal had always been to stop
using the opiate pain medication as soon as possible after my surgery. After our many discussions I asked her to develop a program for me. I began the program in mid June 2020 and 44 days later I took my last opiate pill.

Between the research I completed on opiate detox and Lorraine’s guidance I was able to prepare for and adequately address each withdrawal symptom. Her encouragement, daily contacts and adjustments to dosing were the foundation of my success. I give Lorraine a great
deal of credit for my success. However as she explained, to be successful takes a strong personal commitment on the part of the opiate user to deal with the daily ups and downs of detoxification.

I found that the traditional medical community was totally inadequate in my case. Yes, they helped me deal with the initial pain associated with my injury and surgery but offered no path to recovery that didn’t involve opiates. I thank them for supporting me when I needed them but it
was Lorraine that brought me to where I am today. As I write these words I am 30 days beyond my last opiate pill. Am I perfect, no. I still periodically feel mild effects of opiate withdrawal and may continue to do so for a period of time. If I need to discuss an issue Lorraine is always
available and no more than a telephone call away.

Whatever issues one is dealing with (pain, inflammation, insomnia or anxiety) I encourage speaking with Lorraine, and if appropriate, trying CBD products from “A Healthy Solution”. Based on my experience and success I can’t help but believe others will also experience the


This boutique has changed so much for me. As someone who has struggled with addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety. I was lost; I searched everywhere and tried nearly everything, it has been very difficult to trust medicine since getting addicted to prescriptions for pain. I finally listened to a friend who sent me here, for just a massage. While there i tried some of there suggestions; thinking and time “this won’t work but What the heck.. ” I left with sample of several different products. Within 3 days i was back, I bought the stuff! It truly helped me with my pain and Anxiety. To the point that i was over come with emotion, you know that feeling, you get when you realize that you found something or someone who can change your life? That feeling true hope. Well I found both here.

Lorraine, has been tremendous in my recover and path to healing. She is so much more then someone I buy my wellness products from. She went the extra 10 miles and checked on me discussing with me, my personal dosage and then best way to use the products.

I hope you know that you have truly change my life.

The dictionary defines compassion as: “sympathetic consciousness of other’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”

I define it as Lorraine Sandoval. As vendor, as a healer, as a educator, as a person and as a friend, She is of the highest kind, quality, and order. Thank you.


CBD is all I need Having been in the cannabis industry for quite some time, I was already familiarized with CBD infused products. I understood the basics behind the medicinal value one can receive from CBD, but never the details. I wondered, why are these vendors charging more for the CBD infused products, it doesn’t even get you HIGH! 2013 was the first year I was introduced to CBD infused products.

My store carried a minimal line from a few different companies like EMU Essentials, Soothing Sues, Cheeba Chew, Auntie Annies, Bhang Edibles, and Indi Cream. We carried less than 5 items of each of these companies, 1 offering sublingual, 3 topicals, 2 edibles. By that time, I was no longer smoking cannabis and was opposed to getting HIGH! Since the product was so new, I was only willing to try the topicals, assuming I would get HIGH off other types. The Emu oil worked wonders, I loved it.

It was an oil base, so I would you use it on my stretch marks and noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. Since most of these companies still contained THC lines there was never a great explanation as to why CBD was more expensive, essentially meaning more beneficial value. I never grew to found of the product because all the cannabis users around me always down played CBD and always stated, “it does nothing for me.” And then I met Lorraine! We hit off from the start and she described to me the benefits she was receiving from the CBD infused products. I was invited into the store and was astonished at the amount of different product available in CBD extracted forms. There was Bath Bombs, Facial Creams, Pet Treats, Honey Sticks, Gummy Bears, Massage Oil, Facial Cleansers, Muscle Creams, Tattoo Creams, and the list goes on and on and on! I have to admit, I was super excited to be apart of the team and to test out all the products.

The salves and lotions I tried right away, the tinctures I was skeptical, still worried about the high. After a few times of Lo’s offerings, I had an excruciating headache and was going to try anything to stop it. And there it was, my non-CBD days were over, after 20min of taking a sublingual my headache went from extreme throbbing to non-existence. My eyes, ears and mouth were open to it all. I began with a 300mg regimen of 1 ml in the am and 1 ml at night. After being on this regimen for about 2 weeks my everyday 12pm headaches were no longer an issue. I wake up feeling rejuvenated, I’m focused, I’m not tired and I sleep like a baby!

I now only take 1 ml at night and I feel great. I’m also using the facial cleanser and moisturizer and have repurchased twice. I wear no facial make-up, I don’t break out and my pores are shrinking. The body lotions are now my everyday lotions! I have not been in a bath and body works for 3 months! That’s amazing, my credit limit is increasing because they want me to come back in! I use the salves for any skin irritants and on my baby’s skin for her everyday rashes.

This stuff is amazing. I’m so excited to try more products and receive all the benefits from it. I’ve learned so much about CBD products and met so many beautiful people with wonderful stories about their benefits from CBD. Living a Healthy Lifestyle is my goal, and with CBD in my system I will accomplish it!

Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful product and the opportunity to be apart of the team!

I am firm believer CBD is the answer to wellness. I have been ordering products from Lorraine for over a couple years now. I live in Colorado and only buy my products from Lorraine. I rely on her extensive knowledge and passion for CBD.

CBD has changed my life! So excited she is expanding her business and has a store in Yorba Linda. Now there is more opportunity to share the incredible benefits of CBD.

Lorraine first introduced me to CBD for my furry labrador baby. At the time she was almost 12 yrs old (now 14). She was having a hard time with her vision. Playing ball was a challenge. Within a week of taking CBD tincture she could see better, had more energy and was walking better. About 9 months ago, Lorraine switched her a new CBD tincture. The results have been amazing! Her eye sight is perfect. I squirt the drops in her mouth and add a few drops to paws. She LOVES it!

As an allergy and asthma suffer I was looking for relief from medications. Lorraine recommended the Maximus 750mg tincture. The results were almost instant. This tincture helps relieve my chest tightness, increases my energy and reduces my allergy/asthma sensitivity to foods. It’s life changing!

Since the weather has been changing/lots of pollen in the air (in Colorado), I recently noticed I was having trouble sleeping and waking up VERY puffy. My body wasn’t recharging/resetting at night. I needed some extra help for my body to heal at night. Lorraine recommended the CBD Living Sleep Aid (cherry). OMG! I love it! Not only do I sleep like a baby. I get the best sleep and feel amazing in the morning. My extreme puffiness is gone, I wake up with more energy and don’t have any signs of allergies/asthma in the morning. This product is a must have if you have trouble sleeping.

If you are looking for an alternative to over the counter medications, prescription meds or just want to improve your quality of life/wellness, I highly recommend you contact Lorraine and her team. CBD has improved my life and health drastically. No more meds for me. Just CBD : )

About 2 years ago Lorraine recommended CW for my 11 yr. dog, Daisey. Her eyes were cloudy and her vision was becoming progressively worse. Daisey was having a hard time seeing and even difficulty playing ball. It was breaking my heart especially since she LOVED playing ball. After less than a week, Daisey’s eyes were no longer cloudy and her vision had greatly improved. She was no longer having trouble playing ball. She also seemed more relaxed, less anxious, her gait and sleep had improved. CBD had changed her quality of life.

When Daisey went to see her veterinary Ophthalmologist, the doctor was amazed at her eye health. He said her eyes looked great for her age. I was so happy and mentioned CBD to him. He was very impressed and eager to research CBD for other patients.

Daisey continues to use CBD daily and only recently Lorraine changed her to a different brand, Highland Pharms. She loves the strawberry flavor of the new CBD and its affects are amazing. Daisey has tons of energy; her arthritis and hip dysplasia pain has reduced. She no longer has trouble with her hind legs and is acting like a puppy again. I believe CBD has changed Daisey’s life. Even her holistic vet is a supporter/advocate of CBD.

In addition to Daisey, I have experienced great success with CBD. Lorraine has customized salves and oils for me to help with pain and inflammation. The pain relief is immediate and long lasting.

Recently Lorraine recommended the Sleep Aid. It’s amazing! A little goes a long way. I sleep so well and wake up feeling pain free. My quality of sleep has greatly improved.

I am so grateful to Lorraine for taking care of my furry baby, Daisey and for improving my overall health. I am a true believer of CBD and its amazing healing qualities. Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable, kind, helpful and passionate about helping people. You can tell she loves what she does. If you are looking for a holistic alternative for yourself or your furry baby, definitely contact Lorraine. I highly recommend her. Lorraine’s knowledge, expertise and outstanding customer service is like no other.

For years I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia. I have been on medications in the past and never liked the side effects. I was looking for an more natural alternative solution when I came across Lorraine at healthy solution CBD. She was extremely kind and sensitive to my needs. With her help I was able to get the right treatment. Now I can sleep through the night with no groggy feeling in the morning. I have an all natural anxiety relief tans couldn’t be happier. I recommend her to anyone looking for a CBD product!

I have been working with Lorraine on coming off of my anxiety meds. She worked so closely with me , one of best parts of working with Lorraine was the samples of CBD products that would best suit me and my needs she sent me.  I have been to several places to look for the best CBD for my needs since my body was coming off high dosages of my current meds.  She was patient and we finally after different type of CBD products found what worked for me.  Without her helping with those samples I would of never known edibles and tintures would of worked for me.  Thank you Lorraine for all your help.  She truly cares and will work with you and your needs, just asked her.

Lorraine you’re a life saver! I suffer from asthma and allergies due to the environment and histamine intolerance. Eating the wrong foods (high in histamine) can really set me off and make breathing very difficult. Once the extreme inflammation and fatigue sets in, I am forced to take a Benadryl and sleep to reset my body. After 3 days of Benadryl and rest with no relief, I was desperate for something to make me feel better. I reached out to Lorraine and asked her if taking a CBD tincture could help. Just a side note…due to Lorraine, I am very familiar with CBD tinctures and have used them for my dog for years and sometimes I use them as a sleep aid. I also use CBD salves regularly, but never thought about using CBD to alleviate my allergy and asthma symptoms. After discussing my symptoms with Lorraine she recommended I use the 750mg Maximus and gave me instructions for dosage. She also recommended I discontinue coffee, sugar, alcohol and eat very clean especially the first day. In place of coffee she recommended green tea. I did everything she recommended and after the first AM dose of the CBD tincture…within 1 1/2 hrs I COULD BREATHE!!! All of a sudden I could feel my chest open up…no more chest tightness. Felt like the inflammation in my body was vanishing…my eyes no longer burned and I could talk without gasping for air. Then I noticed my knee pain was also almost completely gone. I suffer from PFPS (Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome). Usually the only pain relief I get is from CBD salves and acupuncture. Since my entire body was SO inflamed from all the histamine in my body, my knees were really bad for several days. They looked like baseballs and I could not walk up and down stairs. After taking the Maximus CBD tincture for the one day, I could walk and use the stairs with no prob. In fact, I was moving around and even painting a room the same day. Breathing with no problem and climbing a ladder like nothing.

I am so blessed and grateful for what Lorraine did for me. Now I know I can manage my asthma and allergies holistically and not rely on Benadryl for relief. I absolutely hate taking any medication.

Thank you, thank you Lorraine. Continue doing what you are doing and helping to improve people’s lives. I know you definitely improved my quality of life.

Many blessings to you,