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Lorraine’s CBD Story

At 46 years old, the doctors told me I needed a double knee replacement surgery. Over the years, I have undergone four surgeries from different serious injuries. Both of my knees suffer from a condition known as “bone-on-bone”, meaning that the cartilage has completely worn away.  Different doctors told me that I would never run, squat, or wear heels again.  My prognosis was bleak and painful, and I was relying on narcotics to manage the pain – but the word “never” is not even in my vocabulary. I knew there had to be a healthier solution out there, and I had been curious about medicinal solutions originating from the cannabis plant. After extensive research and multiple purchases of a variety of CBD products, I decided to go off my pain meds completely because I wanted to truly see if the CBD would work for me.  To say that the CBD worked for me is an understatement!  Two years later, I am doing all the things the doctors told me I would “never” do.  The same surgeon who recommended the double knee replacement is absolutely amazed at the reduction in inflammation and my vastly improved mobility.  He even said that a knee replacement is no longer needed! Though I am not 100% pain free, my CBD regimen has given me a new perspective on health and life.

Through my experience looking for a CBD solution for myself, I realized there were not a lot of great options on the market.  Furthermore, there seemed to be a void in the education about these products from the retailers who sold them.  This void is what led me to open my own CBD Boutique, A Healthy Solution.  The Boutique is private and exclusive and designed to provide educational solutions to help people.  CBD education has become my new direction and passion in life.  I want to break the stigma of CBD through education, one person at a time. I believe in this product so much I trust it with my own family. My father, who suffers from a rare form of blood cancer has experienced relief of symptoms from using a low dose of CBD.  Even my 11-year-old Maltese, Maxi, has experienced relief of her arthritis and glaucoma. Finding the correct dosage is the key to successful CBD solutions, and every person or pet is different.

I truly listen to every client’s needs, and together we choose a CBD path that will work for them. Take a look at what I offer or contact me for a consultation, and we can work on a path for you. 

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What Our Clients Say

I have been working with Lorraine on coming off of my anxiety meds. She worked so closely with me , one of best parts of working with Lorraine was the samples of CBD products that would best suit me and my needs she sent me.  I have been to several places to look for the best CBD for my needs since my body was coming off high dosages of my current meds.  She was patient and we finally after different type of CBD products found what worked for me.  Without her helping with those samples I would of never known edibles and tintures would of worked for me.  Thank you Lorraine for all your help.  She truly cares and will work with you and your needs, just asked her.

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About 2 years ago Lorraine recommended CW for my 11 yr. dog, Daisey. Her eyes were cloudy and her vision was becoming progressively worse. Daisey was having a hard time seeing and even difficulty playing ball. It was breaking my heart especially since she LOVED playing ball. After less than a week, Daisey’s eyes were no longer cloudy and her vision had greatly improved. She was no longer having trouble playing ball. She also seemed more relaxed, less anxious, her gait and sleep had improved. CBD had changed her quality of life.

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Recently Lorraine recommended the Sleep Aid. It’s amazing! A little goes a long way. I sleep so well and wake up feeling pain free. My quality of sleep has greatly improved.

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I am so grateful to Lorraine for taking care of my furry baby, Daisey and for improving my overall health. I am a true believer of CBD and its amazing healing qualities. Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable, kind, helpful and passionate about helping people. You can tell she loves what she does. If you are looking for a holistic alternative for yourself or your furry baby, definitely contact Lorraine. I highly recommend her. Lorraine’s knowledge, expertise and outstanding customer service is like no other.

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Lorraine you’re a life saver! I suffer from asthma and allergies due to the environment and histamine intolerance. Eating the wrong foods (high in histamine) can really set me off and make breathing very difficult. Once the extreme inflammation and fatigue sets in, I am forced to take a Benadryl and sleep to reset my body. After 3 days of Benadryl and rest with no relief.

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For years I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia. I have been on medications in the past and never liked the side effects. I was looking for an more natural alternative solution when I came across Lorraine at healthy solution CBD. She was extremely kind and sensitive to my needs. With her help I was able to get the right treatment. Now I can sleep through the night with no groggy feeling in the morning. I have an all natural anxiety relief tans couldn’t be happier. I recommend her to anyone looking for a CBD product!

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I am firm believer CBD is the answer to wellness. I have been ordering products from Lorraine for over a couple years now. I live in Colorado and only buy my products from Lorraine. I rely on her extensive knowledge and passion for CBD. CBD has changed my life! So excited she is expanding her business and has a store in Yorba Linda. Now there is more opportunity to share the incredible benefits of CBD.

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  • Did you know that breast milk contains natural cannabinoids? Sometimes coming home with a newborn can be an extremely emotional time. CBD has been helpful in treating Postpartum Depression and anxiety by regulating serotonin levels. Read more on this medical benefit of CBD on our blog 🌱☝️
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  • Good morning Everyone 
It is me Lorraine and Maxi 
Thank you for all Prayers and Support 
Means more then I can say! Last! 3 days been tough but today God gave me Strength to come to where he wanted me to come, I am really trying to stay strong between CBD/THC/EMF and Pharma , when this  journey is done I can truly be poster child for CBD Cannabis world!  I am listening to my doctors but feel like a dart board . 
Please pray God gives Body the right formula to Heal me ❤🙏❤🙏 Keep praying ,  new meds worked today thank God 🙏🙏🙏
  • Do you ever suffer from migraines? Over the counter medicine can be harmful and aggressive on the body. CBD is a great natural remedy to reduce the inflammation that causes the pain from headaches and migraines 🤯 Read more in our CBD education blog☝️link in bio
  • Lets fight cancer together! We are accepting charitable donations for these beautiful vases to help support Lorraine's go fund me. We will also be accepting donations today at the Yorba Linda store from 12:30pm-5pm. 
Let's help stop this disease together! 💪💕
Flowers donated by Taylor and Kyle.
And a special thanks to Annie and Sophia for their hardwork organizing everything 🙏
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