Jays CBD Benefits

Jays CBD Benefits


CBD is all I need Having been in the cannabis industry for quite some time, I was already familiarized with CBD infused products. I understood the basics behind the medicinal value one can receive from CBD, but never the details. I wondered, why are these vendors charging more for the CBD infused products, it doesn’t even get you HIGH! 2013 was the first year I was introduced to CBD infused products.

My store carried a minimal line from a few different companies like EMU Essentials, Soothing Sues, Cheeba Chew, Auntie Annies, Bhang Edibles, and Indi Cream. We carried less than 5 items of each of these companies, 1 offering sublingual, 3 topicals, 2 edibles. By that time, I was no longer smoking cannabis and was opposed to getting HIGH! Since the product was so new, I was only willing to try the topicals, assuming I would get HIGH off other types. The Emu oil worked wonders, I loved it.

It was an oil base, so I would you use it on my stretch marks and noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. Since most of these companies still contained THC lines there was never a great explanation as to why CBD was more expensive, essentially meaning more beneficial value. I never grew to found of the product because all the cannabis users around me always down played CBD and always stated, “it does nothing for me.” And then I met Lorraine! We hit off from the start and she described to me the benefits she was receiving from the CBD infused products. I was invited into the store and was astonished at the amount of different product available in CBD extracted forms. There was Bath Bombs, Facial Creams, Pet Treats, Honey Sticks, Gummy Bears, Massage Oil, Facial Cleansers, Muscle Creams, Tattoo Creams, and the list goes on and on and on! I have to admit, I was super excited to be apart of the team and to test out all the products.

The salves and lotions I tried right away, the tinctures I was skeptical, still worried about the high. After a few times of Lo’s offerings, I had an excruciating headache and was going to try anything to stop it. And there it was, my non-CBD days were over, after 20min of taking a sublingual my headache went from extreme throbbing to non-existence. My eyes, ears and mouth were open to it all. I began with a 300mg regimen of 1 ml in the am and 1 ml at night. After being on this regimen for about 2 weeks my everyday 12pm headaches were no longer an issue. I wake up feeling rejuvenated, I’m focused, I’m not tired and I sleep like a baby!

I now only take 1 ml at night and I feel great. I’m also using the facial cleanser and moisturizer and have repurchased twice. I wear no facial make-up, I don’t break out and my pores are shrinking. The body lotions are now my everyday lotions! I have not been in a bath and body works for 3 months! That’s amazing, my credit limit is increasing because they want me to come back in! I use the salves for any skin irritants and on my baby’s skin for her everyday rashes.

This stuff is amazing. I’m so excited to try more products and receive all the benefits from it. I’ve learned so much about CBD products and met so many beautiful people with wonderful stories about their benefits from CBD. Living a Healthy Lifestyle is my goal, and with CBD in my system I will accomplish it!

Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful product and the opportunity to be apart of the team!

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