Asthma and Allergies Testimonial from Annie

Asthma and Allergies Testimonial from Annie

​​Lorraine you’re a life saver! I suffer from​​ asthma and allergies due to the environment and histamine intolerance. Eating the wrong foods (high in histamine) can really set me off and make breathing very difficult. Once the extreme inflam​​mation and fatigue sets in, I am forced to take a Benadryl and sleep to reset my body. After 3 days of Benadryl and rest with no relief, I was desperate for something to make me feel better. I reached out to Lorraine and asked her if taking a CBD tincture could help. Just a side note…due to Lorraine, I am very familiar with CBD tinctures and have used them for my dog for years and sometimes I use them as a sleep aid. I also use CBD salves regularly, but never thought about using CBD to alleviate my allergy and asthma symptoms. After discussing my symptoms with Lorraine she recommended I use the 750mg ​​Maximus and gave me instructions for dosage. She also recommended I discontinue coffee, sugar, alcohol and eat very clean especially the first day. In place of coffee she recommended green tea. I did everything she recommended and after the first AM dose of the CBD tincture…within 1 1/2 hrs I COULD BREATHE!!! All of a sudden I could feel my chest open up…no more chest tightness. Felt like the inflammation in my body was vanishing…my eyes no longer burned and I could talk without gasping for air. Then I noticed my knee pain was also almost completely gone. I suffer from PFPS (Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome). Usually the only pain relief I get is from CBD salves and acupuncture. Since my entire body was SO inflamed from all the histamine in my body, my knees were really bad for several days. They looked like baseballs and I could not walk up and down stairs. After taking the Maximus CBD tincture for the one day, I could walk and use the stairs with no prob. In fact, I was moving around and even painting a room the same day. Breathing with no problem and climbing a ladder like nothing.

I am so blessed and grateful for what Lorraine did for me. Now I know I can manage my asthma and allergies holistically and not rely on Benadryl for relief. I absolutely hate taking any medication.

Thank you, thank you Lorraine. Continue doing what you are doing and helping to improve people’s lives. I know you definitely improved my quality of life.

Many blessings to you,

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