Is CBD Oil Good for Your Dogs?

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Dogs?

Many clinical studies have shown the plentiful amount of benefits CBD provides for people, but is CBD good for your furry friends? Research has shown it to greatly benefit dogs as well. Due to these findings, veterinarians have been utilizing and relying on medical cannabis and CBD to help to treat dogs with seizures, anxiety and symptoms of cancer. Here in this article we will outline why the trend is starting.

Benefits of CBD oils

Due to their medicinal properties, CBD oils provide great benefits to your dog’s health. Apart from seizures, anxiety and symptoms of cancer, CBD oils treat nausea, back pain, stress and anxiety. Cannabinoids interact with the receptors in their bodies to treat these. Unlike other traditional forms of medication, CBD oils do not have damaging side effects when administered in the correct dosage. CBD oils can also help your dog deal with torn ligaments, sprains and reduce pain and swelling after they undergo an operation.

Potential risks for CBD oils

Any medication requires administration in the right dosage to avoid terrible consequences. The same applies to CBD oils. The most notable risk of over dosage is the toxicity of THC. Giving them this high can potentially cause a loss of senses. You may notice that your dog is not able to eat or stand, which may last for a couple of days depending to the dosage given to them. THC presents major risks for dogs and, in large amounts, proves fatal. You should rush your dog to a veterinarian the moment you notice these symptoms.

How much CBD oil can you give them?

You can give your dog CBD oils orally and accompany them with other medications. It is extremely important though, that you get the correct dosage and administer it properly. That, unfortunately can be hard to find. Currently, research for the correct dosage of CBD oils needed for dogs is still in process. Therefore, the only viable option left is that you should go to an experienced veterinarian to prescribe you the right dosage.

Where you can get CBD oils for your dog

Getting CBD for your dog is very easy. You can buy them online, in dispensaries and health stores. It is important to do some research though. There are a lot of companies that are selling “snake oil”, so make sure you put some due diligence before making a choice.

In conclusion, CBD oils will greatly benefit your dog’s health, as long as you consult with your veterinarian to ensure the right dosage. Not only can this cannabinoid relieve issues, it can also help to prevent future ailments and diseases for your best friend.



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